Tammy Doucet

I put on the Brace when I could hardly even walk and the difference was unbelievable. I felt like a million bucks. It’s truly remarkable that I didn’t feel like i was going to fall. Thank you so very much for this brace. I live in Sulphur/Lake Charles, Louisiana, it’s hot and humid but even though I sweat while wearing the brace it was easy to clean with Lysol spray to rid of germs. I even want to go as far as saying that, although I was in tremendous pain because of the swaying while walking, I truly felt like I had successful back surgery and was healed because of the DDS Brace. It truly makes you feel 100% better. I no longer need to take breaks while walking. I truly don’t get tired from fatigue either. Awesome back brace!! I got a piece of my life back. Thank You so very much. I am a different person.