Barratt C. Sturtevant, PA-C

January 3, 2008

Dear DDS,

This letter is in support of the ambulatory traction belt(DDS Belt) that we have been using at this clinic for over one year for our chronic back pain patients. I would estimate I have seen 80 to 85% of the patients that I have used this with have moderate to significant relief of their back pain when ambulatory or with prolonged standing. I particularly like to use this device beacuse it does not have the side effects of oplold medicines have and also it is noninvasive and again, it has been very helpful with our patients.

A local representative for Rehab Specialists, Jim Ray, has also been extremely helpful, providing us with information concerning the belt and also with his continued support. He does keep us updated on patients when he sees them and the patients he comes in contact with have had positive feedback on his demeanor and assistance when he fits them for the belt.

I have no qualms about using this traction belt with any of our chronic back pain patients, with the exception of those who are in the immediate postop period, but as soon as they are cleared by the surgeon, if they do not already have a belt, we will try to fit them with one because it has been so successful in assisting our patients. If you have any question or concerns, please feel free to contact me at the Center for Pain Management.


Barratt C. Sturtevant, PA-C

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