Disc Disease Solutions is used by over 2 million people daily, including most of us at DDS.

As a company with employees, family members and friends who have a history of bulging and/or herniated discs and general neck and back pain, we are proud to introduce an improved and far superior life to so many around the world. To be able to perform simple daily tasks such as driving or walking pain-free is something we do not take for granted; having the capability to go far beyond that and ski, bowl and truly enjoy other leisure activities is an entirely humbling experience altogether. We believe with certainty that DDS can improve your life as it did with ours.

Many physicians and patients have used DDS Technology with great success by preventing injuries, treating pain and speeding up the recovery process. DDS Decompression Neck and Back Braces along with our new OA Decompression Knee Brace can significantly improve daily standards of living.

about-imageOur Mission

At DDS, we strive to to help everyday people improve their health and quality of life.