Back Pain and Depression

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine are studying the most effective means of treating chronic low back pain and symptoms of depression — together — in those 60 or older.

For four years, seventy-five men and 123 women, ranging in age from 60 to 94, have taken part.

“Depression can negatively affect outcomes,” said Dr. Jordan Karp, associate professor of psychiatry, the principal investigator.  When people are depressed, they tend to feel pain more acutely. Having less pain can relieve depression. Attacking both problems at once can produce a double benefit.

“Getting people moving and in better control of their pain through healthy behavior changes may also help their mood and improve quality of life,” Karp said.

This is exactly what our DDS Spinal-Air Lumbar Traction Braces are designed for – to get people moving and to have them in control of their pain.

Patients can wear the DDS Decompression Belt to treat and/or to prevent pain.  They can also wear it under their clothing.

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