As a college student I would experience lower back pain off and on. As time went by and I became a mother the pain intensified from carrying the baby from infancy through toddlerhood. The pain was constant. But never sought any help to fix the pain. The idea never even occurred. Until recently in 2018 when I woke up with a vertigo and rushed to ER. They suspected I might have had a stroke based on the symptoms I narrated. After thorough exams and tests they ruled out stroke but I discovered a few things within my body relating to my lower back pain that would have remained undetected.

X-rays and MRI revealed that an old compression fracture in L2-3 most certainly from a fall in childhood had collapsed the vertebrae by 30%. Consequentially, this trauma had changed the bio-mechanics of the entire spine says the doctor causing disc compression and protrusion leading to severe arthritic condition in L2-3 and moderate arthritic condition in L3-4 and Foraminal Stenosis in L5-S1.

The Pain from the pressure on the nerve was so bad that it pervaded my consciousness 24 hrs. At night as I lay down I would be aware of the discomfort and would constantly engage in stretching yoga postures to relieve the pressure and notice the subtle relief from it.

So I decided to see a chiropractor to get permanent relief. The chiropractor was treating this condition by decompressing the facet joints and behind the discs releasing the pressure on the nerve in L2-3-4-5 and S1 (Sacrum). The key was decompression. Along with bi-weekly treatments for a month and subsequent maintenance treatments once a month the doctor also suggested a lumbar belt.

So I googled decompression belts and came upon DDS belts. There were many belts available but I was looking specifically for one that would decompress the vertebral discs to release the pressure on the nerve. And I wanted quality construction that would last and do the job of a chiropractor. And when I read the mechanism of DDS 300 and 500 I knew I had found that ONE SPECIAL BELT. Then I read the testimonials. Right away I knew I was married to DDS for the rest of my life. I bought DDS 500 with the back panels to help restore the proper curve and sustain it as we often ignore our postures putting a strain on the spinal discs. The first day of using the belt for 2 hours I noticed how incredibly well it had removed the pain. I was overwhelmed with joy and awe. The degree of relief was 100% greater than the chiro treatment because the DDS belt allows up to 5 hours of wear in a day. Whereas the chiro treatment is 30 minutes a session which includes only 10 minutes of adjustments and 20 minutes of machine massage. With moderate to severe disc compressions longer duration/ frequency/ and intensity of treatments give better results. So after about 5 days of use my back pain has vanished. I have not used the belt in over 6 months now. I have not visited the chiropractor since the initial 6 visits. And I live pain free and in peace and confidence knowing my back is insured with DDS 500 decompression belt. What a miracle belt it is. I give it 100 stars and recommend to all those suffering from lower back pain to give it a try. Never underestimate this belt.