Dave Wagner

October 26, 2014

Att. DDS, Inc.

Dear Sirs,
My name is Dave and I thought I’d thank you for your great service. Also I’d like to tell you what got me to you. In 2008 I had a fusion on my back at L-4, L-5 and S1. It did not work for me. I was in chronic pain for 4 years until I found your great product. The DDS 300 belt. I’ve been thru so many belts from the drug stores and the ones they say that are the best on TV. Nothing worked for me until I found the DDS 300 air decompression belt. I was taking 60mg of percocet a day. Now I’m down 20mg a day. I could not drive more than 15 miles before I got the belt. Now I drive as long as I want to. So if there is any people out there that have back pain. Don’t bother with the cheap products out there that don’t work. Go right to the best. The DDS 300 or DDS 500. Now I live with 90% less pain. I hope your company will publish this for me so I can help someone else that is in pain. Again thank you so much for your great product and service.

Yours Truly
Dave Wagner in N.C.