Dr. Stephen Stokes B.Sc., D.C., F.I.A.M.A.

Concerning The DDS Spinal Decompression Brace System

Research now confirms the majority of chronic back and neck problems comes from the spinal disc. Injury to the disc can compress nearby nerves and place stress on the facet joints which introduces a cycle of pain and loss of function. Any approach to resolving this pathology must allow for 2 key factors, a reduction of pressure on the area and an increase of circulation to the damaged tissue.

In 12 years of clinical practice I have found that the DDS Brace System meets these requirements. The brace reduces pressure on the disc and facet joints and also encourages pain free movement. Patients that previously had little to no relief with conventional bracing find the DDS System typically will produce immediate relief. Patients feel empowered by the ability to take an active role in getting better. I have no hesitation in recommending the DDS Bracing System. I am seeing dramatic improvement in my patients and find myself overwhelmed with referrals.

Dr. Stephen Stokes BS, DC, FIAMA
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