Frances M. Dinkins

I really love my DDS brace I had 2 back surgeries  1975 and 2003 I also was diagnosed with arthritis all over my body.  The brace has helped my pain in my lower back which gets to the point I can’t do any house work, can’t bend or stoop my pain is past a 10.  I can put my brace on, lay down or stand up, can tell right away as soon as I pump it up and within a few mins whether it’s going to work for me.  It also has helped with the hip and leg pain that I have been having since my leg surgery. I can put the brace on and pump it up it and it stops the pain in less than 20 mins.  I never thought the DDS would really help me but I’m so happy it did and I would be happy to tell anyone about it.   Thank you whomever  it concerns.