Joseph Kay, M.D. Pain Mgmt Physician

The DDS Max was actually the 3rd cervical traction unit that I tried.
The first was the traction unit attached to a board that you lie upon. It put me in extension and significantly increased my pain.
The second was an over the door unit. It worked great the first time, but subsequent attempts didn’t reproduce the same results. I couldn’t find that sweet spot of correct angle and distance from the door.

One of our therapists had an equipment rep with a DDS Max. It gave me complete relief the first time. And actually each and every subsequent time. The DDS Max became my best friend as I healed. My wife called it my security blanket because I took it with me everywhere. I used it anywhere from 1 to 8 x every day. All that I needed was the cervical McKenzie positioning exercises and my DDS Max. No pain meds, no surgery.

My injury was mid September. I went snow skiing the last week of December. I was symptom free by then. (My DDS Max made the ski trip for just in case! )

I highly recommend it daily in my clinic.

Joe Kay, MD