Judith Petree

I find the brace to be comfortable and a good fit, even underneath clothing it doesn’t feel or appear bulky in any way.  It does offer some relief from pain and stiffness in my lower back within about 15-20 min after use and sustained relief for about 2hr.  I do have some problems being on my feet for much longer than 1-2 hr without pain (back, hips and feet), so I don’t ordinarily use the DDS brace longer than that, as it is more comfortable when I am standing than sitting, it has been beneficial enough that I would be comfortable enough recommending it to others, especially those who are on their feet for longer periods of time.  I have met two individuals who are still employed and have jobs that require them to be ambulatory in their work who swear by the effectiveness of the DDS brace in reducing pain in their lower back.