“Less treatment is usually more effective.”

Try our DDS Decompression Brace before you opt for surgery, spinal injections or pain killers.  Exhaust all of your resources and be better informed about your options.  Our DDS Decompression Belt just might be your solution.  

According to a recent article on NPR, when treating back pain, “many specialists say less treatment is more effective.”  Some research even suggests that 1 in 5 patients who have surgery for back pain end up having more surgery.  “There’s evidence showing that many standard treatments for back pain — surgery, spinal injections and painkillers — are often ineffective and can even worsen and prolong the problem.“

A study in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine said that”limited studies available suggest that these increases [epidural steroid injections, opioids and spinal fusion surgery] have not been accompanied by population-level improvements in patient outcomes or disability rates.”  The study further states that “the efficacy of spinal injections is limited” and that they do not reduce the rate of subsequent surgery.

Ask your physician about our DDS Decompression Brace.  It’s truly an original and revolutionary approach to treating low back pain.  Our Brace is ambulatory, features Vertical Air Pressure Technology, has a 100% soft cotton lining and is machine washable.  Our Brace is also Medicare and private insurance approved.

You along with your Doctor can use our Decompression Belt in conjunction with your normal treatment.  The same study reinforces this idea of constant care and maintenance.  “As with other chronic conditions, care of chronic back pain may benefit from sustained commitment from health care providers; involvement of patients as partners in their care; education in self-care strategies; coordination of care.“

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