Listen To What Patients Have To Say About DDS Decompression Belts

We regularly get unsolicited calls, letters and emails from patients who have tried and love our DDS Decompression Belts.  Here are some comments from recent users:

I have lost 3” in height in the last decade due to degenerating discs, and I was in constant pain.  I took pain medications everyday to just get through the day. I purchased my first DDS brace and I have to say I loved it from the first day.  It is remarkably comfortable and inconspicuous under clothing.  I am able to attain a more correct posture pain free (shoulders back, chest out, straight spine… etc) for the first time in a long time!  I am now able to do my favorite activity again – hike the rocky mountains with my dogs!      Love love love your product.

K. Shofner from Conifer, CO

Before getting my DDS brace I could hardly walk-drive; I was only able to walk with a walker and cane and on oxytocin hydrophodien regularly.  The DDS Decompression Brace has allowed me to do things I couldn’t do 2 years ago.  Since then my Pain meds were cut in half. Thanks again for the relief the DDS brace has given me.

D. Ferguson from Austin, TX

I’ve had my brace since NOV. 24, 2012 and my DDS lumbar support belt has truly been a blessing.  Since I’ve been wearing it I have not had to get cortisone injections to relieve the pain in my back thigh/leg. I can really see the difference when I don’t wear it daily from now on.  The brace supports greatly with prolonged sitting / standing.  Ordering it was one of best decision I’ve made.  When we travel to Eastman Georgia approx a 13 drive it gives me all the comforting support.   Thank you for this great product.

M. Jenkins from Escorse, MI

This belt has made my life 100% easier. Before this belt I could not even bend to put my pants on.  Since I started using my DDS belt things got easier. One word for this belt “Awesome.” It’s just great.   I never leave home without it and if I am going away this is the just thing I am packing.  Thanks to my dear Doctor Leyton and the great hands who made this belt.   Thanks DDS, Inc.

V. Logan from Virginia Beach, VA

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