Martha S. Cassity, D.M.D.

Scoliosis had just about brought my active career and lifestyle to a halt. With pinched nerves I was unable to feel toes on my left foot and that leg was numb most of the time. Having heard from several orthopedic surgeons that nothing could be done to correct my spine I was close to being resigned to walking with a cane and enduring the non-stop pain. In addition, over the years I had spoken to many of my own patients who had back surgery. Their reports seemed to indicate that one back surgery led to another with each surgery introducing another problem. Therefore I promised myself I would not have surgery until I could no longer function. I phoned an orthopedic surgeon saying that I absolutely didn’t want any surgical treatment but requesting that a prescription be written for some sort of back support. That office fitted me with the Disc Disease Solutions belt and my life and lifestyle have been returned to me. As soon as I put the belt on and inflate it I can instantly feel the pressure on my spinal nerves being
relieved. I now walk on my treadmill, have returned to performing 2-3 hour surgeries in my office, and took a two week, 3800 mile motorcycle trip last fall.

Thank you for this new lease on life.


Martha S. Cassity, D.M.D.


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