Matt Landfield, Senior Physical Therapist

Dear Mr. Lee,

Thank you for bringing the DDS traction systems to our department-in a short time they have proven to be unique and useful in treating spinal disorders, pain, and paresthesias. I have tried the DDS 300 myself one afternoon while experiencing low back pain, and it completely resolved my complaints while I wore it.
I have never found such an effective dynamic lumbar stabilization brace, not to mention the constant lumbar distraction it provides while in motion.

One of my patients is currently using the DDS at home and has found it to be the most effective tool in controlling her later day low back, gluteal, and leg pain. She will be writing a letter to you very soon to describe her satisfaction with your product and to thank you.

Again, thanks so much for providing one the most effective, easy to use, comfortable, and unique traction devices I have ever found in close to ten years of practice. It will undoubtedly continue to be one of my most powerful tools in therapy.


Matt Landfield
Senior Physical Therapist