“Movement is Medicine”

Dr. John Henning Schumann on NPR.org outlined a scenario he recently experienced when a patient walked into his office with low back pain. From his experience he was confident that her back pain wasn’t serious. “A minor injury was the clear cause. And nearly all back pain like hers from a simple mechanical strain gets better on its own.”

According to Dr. Schumann, “Back pain is common. I see someone with back pain almost every day. Nearly all of us have at least one episode in our lives, and two-thirds of us will have it repeatedly. If you’ve somehow lived into your 40s and never suffered low back pain, congratulations! You’re what doctors like me call an outlier.”

What was his professional recommendation? Regular exercise. The most common mistake with low back pain is to stop being active.

DDS Lumbar Decompression Belts are all fully flexible when applied and inflated with air. They do NOT promote muscle atrophy and require the patient to use their core muscles while providing decompression to the affected area. They allow patients to exercise and provide freedom from the pain to continue with their daily routine.

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