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New DDS Cervitrac Cervical Traction Collar Now Available!

The DDS Cervitrac is the most comprehensive cervical traction collar on the market today.

It’s the first device that offers the option to receive pneumatic traction while lying down in the supine position or upright for mobile treatment. Never be restricted to the confines of a doorway again! PDAC/Medicare/Insurance approved for E0849.

Call 888.495.7440 to order now!

Smartphone to blame for neck pain

A Florida chiropractor has coined the term “text neck” as a result of so many who complained about neck pain from constantly bending forward to look at their smartphones, e-readers and iPads. Continue reading »

See you at Medtrade Spring 2014!

We will be attending Medtrade Spring 2014 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas from March 10 to 12. Continue reading »