Types of Spinal Diseases, Injuries and Back Pain

Part 1

* Spinal sprain (lumbar sprain)
Spinal (lumbar) sprain refers to the shock or damage of light muscle or ligament caused by lifting heavy objects, performing rigorous physical activity, excessive exercising or due to a traffic accident. You might have described or have heard someone else describe this condition with this common phrase: “I pulled my back” or “I threw out my back.”

A simple lumbar sprain can be alleviated by bed rest for a few days. However, a significant number of these cases can lead to the development of chronic backache or disease that affects everyday life. Although a sprain of the wrist or ankle can be treated by fixing the affected area with a cast or a wrap, the same can hardly be done for a spinal sprain. Once a patient begins to experience pain in the sprained area, the corresponding muscle and ligament stiffen up from this pain.

One should limit their movements and apply hot and cold packs.  Stretching can also be beneficial as well as taking anti-inflammatory medicine.

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