We are the ORIGINAL Spinal-Air Lumbar Traction Brace. We have 3 utility patents and 1 design patent.

Disc Disease Solutions introduced a revolutionary approach in the treatment of lower back and neck pain due to spinal diseases and injuries almost a decade ago. 

A unique and patented air traction design sets it apart from all other ambulatory supports.  DDS is thin, lightweight and easy to use; it offers a high degree of mobility, alleviating as well as preventing back and neck pain.

The process is simple: by increasing the intervertebral disc space, pressure applied on the nerve root is relieved, thereby, eliminating pain while assisting active-rehabilitation.  Disc Disease Solutions will speed up your recovery and help you enjoy the daily activities that were once too difficult.

Don’t be fooled!  Other braces may look similar but the differences are drastic.  Try a REAL DDS Brace and feel the difference.