John Hansen, M.D.

I practice chronic pain medicine for the Sanford Pain Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The lumbar DDS Belt is a big, new help to me in treating multi-level, lumbar degenerative disc disease.

People who are symptomatic with this problem commonly do not tolerate axial loading of the spine, whether sitting, standing or walking.

They may be improved by traction at home or in a physical therapy clinic, but this type of axial unloading can’t be used during activities of daily living.

Opiate pain medications can help people with painful, multi-level degerative disc diseasere gain function, but this does not abate the biomechanical problem.

The surgical results for fusing multi-level degenerative disc disease are not good.

The axial unloading provided by the lumbar DDS Belt directly addresses the biomechanical intolerance that can occur with multi-level degenerative disc disease. It provides immediate symptomatic
improvement to many people for whom this is a painful problem. I know this because they often tell me about it in the first 30 seconds that the DDS Belt is pumped up!

Here are some examples of patient statements about the lumbar DDS Belt:

“That feels great! Good gosh. You hit that spot up there. I cannot believe it . Hmh! By Georgi, it has!”

“This is unbelievable. It took that pain out of… my back. That’s been bothering me for days. That’s heaven. That’s just heaven.”

“Oh, wow! Like there’s been a weight lifted. A lot of my lower back pain is lifted. This is really nice.”

“Wow! That did relieve a lot of the pressure in my lower back. Boy, that did relieve. It’s unreal.”

“You know that belt? Oh, that’s a wonderful thing! That’s a Godsend.”

The lumbar DDS Belt has a bright future. Thank you for it.


John Hansen, MD

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