Joseph Grassi, M.D.

I Wish to comment on my personal experience with the DDS Back Support and Brace System. I have used it now well over one year and have had excellent results with it. I’m very pleased with its versatility, especially that it can be used as just the inflatable back support and/or with the more rigid plates for the back and abdomen. I have used it in all of its formats.

I have had long-standing back problems including stenosis, degenerative joint and disc disease as well as herniated discs and nerve root impingements. I was introduced to your back support about 2 years ago by a local product representative and have had excellent results with this support. I frequently have back pain and it interferes with my activities of daily living. Last summer, using the brace, I was able to wash and wax my son’s vehicle completely and had no significant back pain either during or following that activity. Without the back support, I’m sure that I would have been almost hobbled by the back discomfort. I also appreciate that it is washable and comfortable to wear.

I compliment your company on producing such an excellent product. Being a physician, I have used it with many of my patients and have found it to be very helpful to them as well.

Thank you once again.

Respectfully yours,

Joseph Grassi, M.D.
May 10, 2011

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