Joseph Sykes, Taxi Driver

The decompression belt is comfortable to wear. The first week, I wore the belt 2 hrs on and 2 hrs off. Since the second week, I sometimes wear it up to four hours. Individual likes will vary. I personally have no problems performing activities such as cutting grass, driving my taxi, or setting ceramic tiles. In just about a month I’m feeling much better with these activities than before the belt. I’ve noticed that when I’m not wearing the belt I still feel much better. The decompression belt has helped me so much by decompressing the L5 disk off the nerve. Different individuals will obtain different results. If this belt can help me, it will certainly help many others. John if you would like the rest of my story of how this condition come about please let me know. I DEFINITELY recommend the decompression belt be tried by those persons with a pinched nerve, or scoliosis, which I’ve had for years. I feel the decompression belt can benefit so many people. Thank you Mr.Lee