Mark Ricci, Pro Football Sound Engineer

Dear DDS I have been a location sound engineer for NFL Films for 20 years. I carry about 20-30 pounds of gear using a shoulder harness everyday and must run around the football field during games. This past February, the wear and tear of the job weakened my back to the point that I severely injured my back and was not able to work. Before the beginning of this football season, I was taking medication and seeing a chiropractor and was starting to feel better. However, I was not at the point that I was comfortable wearing my gear and getting back to work. My doctor recommended the DDS. He explained how it worked and that I could discretely wear it during the game. I was still experiencing some discomfort before my first game back but after the first game, not only was I able to manage the weight of my gear and the running around, I felt better than I did at the start of the game. The normal soreness and discomfort that I used to feel after a game was gone. I feel like DDS belt has extended my career for many years. I cannot work without it now and have since recommended it to many of the other sound engineers and cameramen I work with. They have all called me up after using it saying they wish they found this belt 10 years ago. Thanks for making such a great product!