Prevent and/or Reduce Back Pain

There’s no shortage of tips for a healthy back and anyone who has ever experienced low back pain knows just how valuable these words of advice actually are.  Katherine Braun, Clinic Director and Founder of Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation, Inc., recently wrote a great article in the Huffington Post with tips for keeping a healthy back during the holidays.  Some of these include the following:

  • Maintain a wide base of support by placing one foot more forward than the other. This will keep your weight distributed and the spine in good alignment. Shift your weight frequently between the front and back leg.
  • If you are wearing heels, be cautious to avoid locking the knees. This will cause an increased arch in the back.
  • When shaking hands, be close enough to the person so that you do not have to lean forward from the waist. Stand with your feet front and back to naturally shift you body forward when extending your arm to shake hands.
  • Move around frequently to change your position. When possible, sit for a few minutes to give your back and legs a rest.
  • When standing by the stove, counter, or sink for extended periods of time, open a low cabinet door to prop up one foot. This decreases the stress on the back and causes you to bend from the hips, instead of from the back when leaning forward.

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